WINDOWS 10 | How To Stream Videos From PC To Smart TV

Need an easy way to watch your illegally downloaded movies on your smart television? This method should work for almost any modern TV with DLNA support. Here is a detailed guide:

1. Open start menu and go to settings

2. Select devices

3. Select Bluetooth & other devices

NOTE: On older versions of Windows 10 select “Connected devices” and then follow from step 4.

4. Click on “Add Bluetooth or other device”

5. Select third option “Everything else”

6. Your computer should find your television now

Your television may be found multiple times because each item represents one function such as Screen mirroring and DLNA. If one option won’t work try it again with other one.

7. Now wait till your computer pairs with your TV

8. If everything goes well you will see this

9. The next step is to locate your shitty pirated film, right click it and select “Cast to Device -> Your Television”

10. Take your remote and allow access

11. And if your movie started playing, congratulations, because there is only one step left. To watch your damn movie!

In case of interest here is a video version of this tutorial:

If this method did’t work you can try different method which is described below:

How to stream movies to your television using DLNA server

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