WINDOWS 10 | How To Stream Videos Using DLNA Server

Easily share your computer’s media library with your smart television following the steps below:

1. Open Control panel and click on “Network and Internet”

2. Open Network and Sharing center

3. Click on “Change advanced sharing settings”

4. Turn on “Network discovery” and “File and printer sharing”

5. Do the same in “public or guest” profile

6. Save changes

7. Open the same settings, expand “All Networks” and click on “Choose media streaming options”

8. Turn on media streaming (This will share your library on local network)

9. Here you can allow or deny access to your files for other devices on your local network. If you are unsure just click OK. It will allow access for all devices.

10. Move all desired video files to “Videos” folder in your computers library

11. Leave computer running. Go to your television and find Network devices or multimedia devices or DLNA devices or something similar (depends on your TV)

media section in Smart Hub.

12. Browse your computer library on your television and play any video file!

In case of interest here is a video version of this tutorial:

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